Bajan Sweet Treats

Hey my SJM Crew. These last two days in this series are gonna be about Bajan (Barbadian) food that I like/love. There's no better way than to end with the best. Today we'll be looking at the sweet treat and drinks. 1.Sugar Cakes Although they have the name cake in them, these sweet treats … Continue reading Bajan Sweet Treats

chocolate cake with chocolate toppings

My Top 5 Cake Flavors

I am going to share with you five of my favourite cake flavors. This is the first in a series that I'll be running on the blog. Throughout the series I'll be sharing with you my favourite snacks, smoothies, pastries, ice-cream flavors, and more. Also, it's my birthday, and what better way to start this … Continue reading My Top 5 Cake Flavors