Sleepless Nights & Non-stop Poop

Well hello again my SJM Readers! I am back again after a much-needed break, although I don't know yet how often I'll be posting. Honestly, since August, I've tried to keep up with posting regularly but I did what was right for me and took the break my body and mind needed. Here's why I … Continue reading Sleepless Nights & Non-stop Poop

Adriel Zamari Levere Part 3

C thought it was funny the way I called out his name as I was zoomed across the hall. Pfffttt, I was just making sure he didn't miss anything. C is there now with me in the room. The midwife is there and 3 others who are in training, my IV is hooked up, the … Continue reading Adriel Zamari Levere Part 3

Adriel Zamari Levere (Part 2)

Hey SJM Crew! Saturday, November 23, 2019. I was having what I categorized as Braxton Hicks contractions, although the pain in my pelvic/pubic area was becoming increasingly more painful. Nevertheless, I shuffled, through Pricemart that night, trying not to cry as the pain in my pubic area intensified with each step. It felt like his … Continue reading Adriel Zamari Levere (Part 2)

Adriel Zamari Levere Part 1

What's up SJM Crew? We'll pick up where we left off last time in more detail. During my pregnancy, I saw an MFM Specialist, a Godsend, Dr. Na Tisha Robinson. She is THE BEST! During the pregnancy because of what transpired last time, she understood our worry and offered us 2-week appointments, however as I … Continue reading Adriel Zamari Levere Part 1

I Ghosted You But Now I’m Back

Hey SJM Crew!  It's me again, how are you? Yeah, I know, I know the last time we talked was almost a year ago but I promise you I have a really great reason. You're probably thinking "what reason is good enough for ghosting us Myah, it's been almost a year, we've moved on." I do hope … Continue reading I Ghosted You But Now I’m Back