The Third Delivery

Happy New Year SJM Readers! It's March but still! I hope you're doing great so far, staying safe and indulging in a ton of self care and mental health care. Let's get down to today's blog post. I'm gonna try to get these out now that they're still fresh in my memory vault and unlike … Continue reading The Third Delivery

Sleepless Nights & Non-stop Poop

Well hello again my SJM Readers! I am back again after a much-needed break, although I don't know yet how often I'll be posting. Honestly, since August, I've tried to keep up with posting regularly but I did what was right for me and took the break my body and mind needed. Here's why I … Continue reading Sleepless Nights & Non-stop Poop

Q & A – A High Risk Pregnancy, PAL Journey and Parenting After Loss

Yes and no. Yes for the fact that I have gotten this far without any complications and no because Preeclampsia could still show its ugly face or a million other things could go wrong. Hey SJM Crew, We are here to answer some questions about what it was like having a high risk pregnancy while … Continue reading Q & A – A High Risk Pregnancy, PAL Journey and Parenting After Loss

Adriel Zamari Levere Part 3

C thought it was funny the way I called out his name as I was zoomed across the hall. Pfffttt, I was just making sure he didn't miss anything. C is there now with me in the room. The midwife is there and 3 others who are in training, my IV is hooked up, the … Continue reading Adriel Zamari Levere Part 3

Adriel Zamari Levere (Part 2)

Hey SJM Crew! Saturday, November 23, 2019. I was having what I categorized as Braxton Hicks contractions, although the pain in my pelvic/pubic area was becoming increasingly more painful. Nevertheless, I shuffled, through Pricemart that night, trying not to cry as the pain in my pubic area intensified with each step. It felt like his … Continue reading Adriel Zamari Levere (Part 2)

Adriel Zamari Levere Part 1

What's up SJM Crew? We'll pick up where we left off last time in more detail. During my pregnancy, I saw an MFM Specialist, a Godsend, Dr. Na Tisha Robinson. She is THE BEST! During the pregnancy because of what transpired last time, she understood our worry and offered us 2-week appointments, however as I … Continue reading Adriel Zamari Levere Part 1

I Ghosted You But Now I’m Back

Hey SJM Crew!  It's me again, how are you? Yeah, I know, I know the last time we talked was almost a year ago but I promise you I have a really great reason. You're probably thinking "what reason is good enough for ghosting us Myah, it's been almost a year, we've moved on." I do hope … Continue reading I Ghosted You But Now I’m Back

Pregnancy and NF1

As expected the small ones have grown a bit bigger, the already big has grown even more and plenty more have made their debut. It has not been fun, I look at my skin each day and it's like they are never-ending. They don't hurt, but they are annoying. 

The Lines

Sunday came around and I went to get groceries, bought the test and more sanitary napkins because just maybe the feeling was wrong. When I came home I went into the bathroom and pee on the first test, all the while just thinking the bloody visitor is going to show up right this moment and this test was a waste of money.