Bajan Food (De Ones I Like)

SJM Crew, it's the final day of my birthday special foodie series. We're ending off this series with the Bajan (Barbadian) food that I like, from appetizers to dessert. I will tell you from the start, one thing you will not find on this list is Barbados's National Dish. Not at all!!!! 1. Fish Cakes … Continue reading Bajan Food (De Ones I Like)

Honey Glazed & More of my Fav Donuts

It's day four y'all. It's the weekend too. Three more days to go in this birthday special. From baked to fried, plain to festive, dripping with cream to smothered in chocolate. Whether spelt donuts or doughnuts, this treat comes in an array of variations. I'm going to share with you some of my favourites in … Continue reading Honey Glazed & More of my Fav Donuts