Free Preschool Charts Part 2

Hey SJM Readers! I am back, I know I've been MIA for a while, a long while but if you've read the last post then you know why. The adjustment has been hard y'all in terms of getting on here and posting content and still managing ZANDRI EDUCATION ZONE content along with motherhood to the … Continue reading Free Preschool Charts Part 2

Using Your Toddler’s Interest As Learning Activities

Firetrucks, ambulances, garbage trucks, tractors, helicopters, airplanes, ice-cream trucks, motorcycles, buses, cars, trucks, diggers. You get the picture right? Vehicles are what "A" into at the moment and tigers. I really don't know why he so attached to his toy tiger, but he wants it all the time, ask for it to sleep, when he … Continue reading Using Your Toddler’s Interest As Learning Activities

Free Toddler Charts

Hey SJM Crew. Today is a freebie download day. Your free download/printable for the day contains letter-sized charts for our toddler/preschooler. The file is in PDF format and has seven charts. This is the first set as there are more to come as I create and edit on the computer. I've yet to actually print … Continue reading Free Toddler Charts

girl painting cardboard house

4 Fine Motor Toddler Activities (For When You Are Stumped)

With A, I use things we have around the house. At the moment that's craft ribbon and some of his toys (shapes) which have holes in them. I assist him in pushing the string through a hole, (until he is able to do it on his own since they are super tiny) then we spin it around like a skipping rope. With this activity, not only is he strengthening his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination but it also reinforces what each shape is as well as colours.

5 Easy Ways To Entertain Your Toddler

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Stay inside and stay safe.  This virus has forced the cancellation of a number of activities one would usually do with their toddlers.  Whether you are stay at home parents or you take your children to day car/preschool, you now need to find things for your adventurous toddler to do. … Continue reading 5 Easy Ways To Entertain Your Toddler

Theme of the Week (Transportation) Free Printable

Hey! We have another free printable and this time it's for our Toddler Corner!!! I hope you and your little ones enjoy this free printable. Click the photo to download the Transportation Theme Printable

Theme Of The Week For Your Toddler – Weather

Place a sheet of paper in a Ziploc bag and place medium-sized dots of red, blue, green, yellow... (open to see more)

3 Activities You Can Do With Your Toddler

Spread out all the animals one at a time, place a flashcard on the floor