The Third Delivery

Happy New Year SJM Readers! It’s March but still! I hope you’re doing great so far, staying safe and indulging in a ton of self care and mental health care.

Let’s get down to today’s blog post. I’m gonna try to get these out now that they’re still fresh in my memory vault and unlike many things lately, haven’t been cleared out like a spam folder. (Because postpartum/mommy brain which is worse this time around.)

November 1, 2021, the toddler woke up and wanted his breakfast. I sent hubby to deal with him while I gathered my energy to go to the kitchen. Sitting up I felt a pain, it felt like a contraction but I disregarded that because Braxton Hicks was showing herself in the recent weeks, and also at this point I was dealing with pelvic pain from the time my 3rd trimester began.

As I was in the kitchen making breakfast for hubby and I, I felt the pain again and I knew then from the way it made me stop what I was doing and forcing me to hold over that this was the real thing. I began timing them then and informed hubby of what was happening. I’ve done this before so I can handle this right??

Nope, I was excited but nervous. Again like with A, they were inconsistent. They were coming every 20-25 mins or every 40. After losing my mucus plug, I called my OB (and yes I returned to Dr. Robinson), and then I began doing my final packing.

I stayed at home, scared to go to sleep and also anxious at leaving A for a long time although I knew he’ll be taken care of. (This would be the first time I’ll be leaving him for more than an hour). Plus I was 37 weeks, 3 days. I was not mentally ready for this, but baby girl was ready and I had to prep myself).

I alternated walking around the house and resting in the sofa or bed while trying to keep the toddler off of me and still loving him up during and in-between contractions.

At around 3:30 my contractions were coming every 30 mins and I went to get myself ready, only I felt the urge to go number 2. While sitting on the toilet, nothing was happening, then another contraction came pushing me to stand up and hold over in the sink to sway it out. Y’all when I stood up, like immediately I felt a pop and a gush if water starting running out. If I wasn’t convinced this baby was coming before then I was now. I called for someone to come, I don’t remember who did the clean up if mom or hubby. I went to take a shower all the while, more amniotic fluid still making it’s way out. (Like really how much is really in there?) Dad left to get us the diapers that we needed and I said my goodbyes to my sweet toddler after I had gotten ready.

After our check-in process at the hospital, after the enema, after the IV hook-ups etc, I had to get a Covid test done between contractions. Hubby had to wait in the waiting area until after my test. Immediately after the doctor who did my Covid test left the room my contractions became so intense. The urge to push came, I had no strength to call out to anyone or push any buttons. Things were intense!!!

Luckily, the midwife who was dealing with me passed by my room, I was on my right side so she told me to turn over to my left and asked how I was doing. I mustered the strength to tell her I felt like I wanted to stool or push. She urged and urged me to turn over to my back so she can see how far I was dilated. (I think I was 8 when I checked in around 5 pm). Y’all I felt like I could not get onto my back but eventually I made it. When I got on my back she said don’t push, wait for your hubby. She called for the team to come and someone to get C. I tried so hard not to push, but my body was saying just do it.

Chris came in the room and 3 pushes later she was out. I tore just a tiny bit. I was sore and exhausted but more than that I was excited. My baby girl was here, 4 lbs 15 oz. I was also scared because she was so tiny, (we’ll talk about that in the pregand the Pediatrician had to be called. I did not want to have to return to the NICU with another child. Luckily she was great, the only thing she was concerned about was her sugar levels. That was to be managed by giving her a little formula after each feed (which if I remember correctly was also for helping with her weight). Two days later we were both released from the hospital, with her weight satisfiable for the Pediatrician.

That’s it, that’s the birth story. Let’s see if I can remember the pregnancy timeline now. Until next time, be awesome, take time to relax, treat yourself a little. You deserve it.

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