Free Toddler Charts

Hey SJM Crew. Today is a freebie download day. Your free download/printable for the day contains letter-sized charts for our toddler/preschooler. The file is in PDF format and has seven charts. This is the first set as there are more to come as I create and edit on the computer.

I’ve yet to actually print mine for “A” as I’ve done his by hand, I’ve gotten in the habit of creating his charts by hand (until I purchase ink) before giving him the printed versions. Also I haven’t been able to purchase more laminated sheets as yet, and I really don’t want him to destroy the printed version as he has done with some of the hand-drawn ones, which resulted in me doing them over and over. (He loves them though).


These charts in the file are about:



Numbers 1 to 10

The Alphabet

Days of the Week

Months of the Year



Some of these charts will have a part two where additional things will be added. For example the colours, shapes, numbers and alphabet charts. I am also working on a workbook for him in-between doing my other worksheets for online sales. I may or may share that with you for free or I may put it up for sale on TeacherspayTeachers or TeacherSherpa.

Here is the file for you to download.


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