Snack Time- What’s on my List

Snacks, almost everyone likes snacks, from fruits to Cheetos. From healthy to processed.

Here’s what’s on my list of processed and natural snacks right now. I’ll put them in different categories.


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In this category of cookies Oats & Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Ginger, and Sugar Cookies shine through. For sugar cookies, I prefer them when topped with royal icing, but I also would eat them just like that. I like any type of Ginger cookies, I mean I do like ginger after all. Now!!! where Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Oats & Raisin stand the brand I prefer is Bermudez Caribbean Delight. Their Oats & Raisin is my go to, as well as their Coconut. Their cookies are the perfect texture, they’re not too soft and not too hard. Another brand that has mouth-watering Chocolate Chip cookies is Famous Amos.

Additionally, how can I not add in the famous Christmas cookies, you know those ones that came in that tin. Remember how you got all excited that there were some in the house, only to discover it was storage for odds and ends your mom or grandma kept, mostly thread and needles?



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Lays, Doritos, Ole, Popcorners, Pringles

Lays– I prefer the original, salted. I don’t buy these often as they have more air than chips in my opinion.

Doritos– With this brand, I like Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. More so Nacho Cheese, I find that they’re not too cheesy, and I am a person who doesn’t necessarily like cheesy chips.

Ole– For this brand, I like Ranch and Barbeque. Although sometimes the Ranch may be a bit too ranchy or salty.

Popcorners – Sea Salt, Sweet Chilli and White Cheddar are my fav flavors of Popcorners, especially White Cheddar. Sea Salt stood at number one for a long time, that is until I had a taste of White Cheddar.

Pringles– What’s the slogan? “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop” Well that’s exactly how I feel about the Barbeque flavor. It takes all my willpower to not eat an entire can of MegaStack in one day.



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Roasted and slightly salted Cashews, Peanuts and Almonds. Cashews top the list though, and when I can I indulge in them in the moment that arises. They can be a bit on the expensive side, so I don’t indulge very often.

That brings us to the end of my go-to snacks right now. Until next time stay safe, indulge in a little self care, and have fun.

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