4 Fine Motor Toddler Activities (For When You Are Stumped)

In this post, we’ll be looking at 4 activities that focus on fine motor skills to do with your toddler for when you feel like you have run out of ideas.

1. Threading Activities

With A, I use things we have around the house. At the moment that’s craft ribbon and some of his toys (shapes) which have holes in them. I assist him in pushing the string through a hole, (until he is able to do it on his own since they are super tiny) then we spin it around like a skipping rope. With this activity, not only is he strengthening his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination but it also reinforces what each shape is as well as colours.

Some items you can use for threading activities are:

Yarn and Cheerios or Fruit Loops: This doubles as a snack too when the activity is complete. Another alternative for Cheerios and Fruit Loops is using straws, you can place the straw in playdough or in a cup and let your toddler place them on the straw.

Straws and Pipe Cleaners/Macaroni: If you have macaroni, pipe cleaners, and straws lying around at home, cut the straws into different lengths and thread the pipe cleaner through the straw pieces.

Craft Ribbon/Yarn & Cardboard Beads: Cut empty toilet/tissue tubes into different sizes to create a “bead” and let your little one thread the yarn or ribbon through them. Another activity to mix into this is letting your little one paint/decorate the empty tubes.


2. Painting

Change up painting norms to which you’re accustomed (fingers and brushes). Instead, you can use different tools for your little on to use such as pot scrubbers, Q-tips, fruit/vegetable halves, or scrunched foil.

3. Stickers

You can never go wrong with stickers. A great activity not only for strengthening fine motor skills but also teaches many other things. Some activities you can do with stickers:

Shape to shape matching: Draw a shape/s on a piece of paper and have your toddler match the stickers to the correct shape/s. This can also be done with letters and numbers.

Dot Sticker Tracing: Draw shapes, letters, or numbers on paper and let your toddler use the dot stickers to “trace” the outline.

Just let them be: Provide your little one with stickers and a piece of paper and just let them do as they desire.

4. Food Art

This is an activity that A enjoys. If you have dried peas/beans or pasta then you are all set. This is a wonderful activity to strengthen those fine motor skills. All you need to do is grab a piece of paper or card and draw something on it. This can be a number, letter, shape, anything. Just draw, place your glue and let your toddler use their creative skills to place your choice of dried-food items/s.


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