5 Frugal Ways To Keeping The Fun In Your Marriage

As the taxes continue to rise, the cost of living continues its steep uphill climb and salaries continue to be like a frozen river. Here are some frugal yet fun and romantic ways to keep the spark in your marriage.

Play a game of cards.

This can be a Uno!, Go Fish, Tunk,  Hearts, Crazy Eights, War, Speed, Rummy or whatever you choose. You can also spice it up if you like (each time someone loses/wins they lose a piece of clothing or the overall winner gets to pick dinner for the next day etc.)

Do a couple’s workout

Not only are you getting in shape and making your body happy but couple workouts increase intimacy and trust between you and your spouse. Pinterest has plenty couple workouts that you can try. (You can check out my Pinterest board here). Be sure to have fun with it, be safe and follow all the guidelines given but have fun, laugh with each other when certain workout positions become awkward.

Have a Karaoke Night

You don’t need to own a karaoke machine to have karaoke night. YouTube is filed with more than enough karaoke versions of songs. Use your laptop, Macbook, smart phone, iPhone or whatever and seek Youtube for all your song choices. Use a hairbrush, spatula, spoon or anything you choose for a microphone.

Lipsync/Dance Battle

Choose your songs of choice from YouTube, raid your closet for clothes to go with what song you are singing or dancing to and have fun laughing with each other about how good/awkward/weird/awesome the other is.

Watch a movie at home together

Whether it be Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming site, just choose a movie you both want to see, pop some popcorn and add a beverage of your choice whether it be lemonade, mauby, sorrel, tea, ginger beer, juice or whatever beverage you choose.