Theme Of The Week For Your Toddler – Weather

Feel free to adjust to the levels/ages of your little ones.

Books to read about the weather


Weather Craft

Torn Paper RaindropOn a sheet of paper draw a raindrop. Let your toddler help you tear pieces of blue construction paper into small pieces and then glue them in the raindrop shape.
R is for rain: Trace and cut out the letter “R” and some raindrop shapes. Use double-sided tape or glue to stick the raindrops on the letter R.
Raindrop Fingerprints: Draw some clouds on a sheet of paper, pour washable non toxic paint into a paper plate or container of your choice, dip the child’s thumbs in it and stamp it onto the paper.
C is for clouds: Trace and cut out the letter “C” then paste it with glue so that your little one can stick some cotton balls to it. 
Cotton ball clouds: Trace cloud shapes onto a sheet of construction paper and then fill with glue, letting your toddler apply the cotton balls into the cloud shapes.
Foam Sun: Using a sheet of foam paper cut out a circle. Use a second sheet of foam paper to cut out rectangles, long enough for he sun rays. Let your toddler stick the rectangles to the circle with double-sided tape. You can also as an option draw a face onto the circle.
S is for sun: Trace and cut out using a yellow sheet of construction paper the letter “S” as well as some small rectangles. Glue the letter S onto a sheet of paper and then let you child use double-sided tape to glue the rectangles around the letter S.
Foam Paper Snowman: Using a sheet or two of foam paper (depending on the size), cut out three circles.

Weather Activities

Ziploc Rainbow: Place a sheet of paper in a Ziploc bag and place medium-sized dots of red, blue, green, yellow on the paper that is in the bag. Seal the bag and use duct tape to tape it to the table or floor and let your child have fun creating their rainbow.
Cup Rain:  Fill a bucket or container with water. Create some holes in the bottom of a plastic cup and put into the water filled container.
Weather Flashcards Print two copies of each and use to match them to each other.
Indoor Puddle Jumping: You can create this using blue construction paper and cutting that paper into a puddle shape and let your toddler pretend they are puddle jumping.
Wind by Straw: Place a few objects on cookie tray, give your child a straw and have them try to blow the objects from one side to the other.

Weather Songs

The song below (What’s the Weather like Today) was written by me.

What's The Weather Like Today

How’s The Weather by Super Simple Songs

Rain, Rain Go Away by Super Simple Songs

Mr. Golden Sun

Weather Themed Snacks/Lunch

Rainbow Fruit Cup: Fill a cup with grapes, strawberries, watermelon, pineapples and blueberries.
Build a Sun: Crackers for the sun with strips of cheese for the sun rays |or a slice of banana for the sun with blueberries or grapes sliced in half for the sun rays.
Rain Plate: Use sliced bananas or marshmallows for the clouds and blueberries or grapes for the rain.
PBJ Sun: Use a circle cookie cutter or the rim of a cup to form a circle from the bread make a PBJ sandwich. Create the sun rays using celery/carrot sticks or pretzel sticks.



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