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Free Preschool Charts Part 2

Hey SJM Readers! I am back, I know I've been MIA for a while, a long while but if you've read the last post then you know why. The adjustment has been hard y'all in terms of getting on here and posting content and still managing ZANDRI EDUCATION ZONE content along with motherhood to the … Continue reading Free Preschool Charts Part 2


The Third Delivery

Happy New Year SJM Readers! It's March but still! I hope you're doing great so far, staying safe and indulging in a ton of self care and mental health care. Let's get down to today's blog post. I'm gonna try to get these out now that they're still fresh in my memory vault and unlike … Continue reading The Third Delivery

Sleepless Nights & Non-stop Poop

Well hello again my SJM Readers! I am back again after a much-needed break, although I don't know yet how often I'll be posting. Honestly, since August, I've tried to keep up with posting regularly but I did what was right for me and took the break my body and mind needed. Here's why I … Continue reading Sleepless Nights & Non-stop Poop

5 Barbadian Local Fruits

Hey SJM Crew. Today I am going to share with you what will be a two part series. This first edition will include five (seasonal, local) fruits you can find growing in Barbados. GOLDEN APPLE Photo Credit: Beautiful Barbados People have their preferences of how they like to eat this fruit. Some like it mildly … Continue reading 5 Barbadian Local Fruits

Using Your Toddler’s Interest As Learning Activities

Firetrucks, ambulances, garbage trucks, tractors, helicopters, airplanes, ice-cream trucks, motorcycles, buses, cars, trucks, diggers. You get the picture right? Vehicles are what "A" into at the moment and tigers. I really don't know why he so attached to his toy tiger, but he wants it all the time, ask for it to sleep, when he … Continue reading Using Your Toddler’s Interest As Learning Activities

Free Toddler Charts

Hey SJM Crew. Today is a freebie download day. Your free download/printable for the day contains letter-sized charts for our toddler/preschooler. The file is in PDF format and has seven charts. This is the first set as there are more to come as I create and edit on the computer. I've yet to actually print … Continue reading Free Toddler Charts

Bajan Food (De Ones I Like)

SJM Crew, it's the final day of my birthday special foodie series. We're ending off this series with the Bajan (Barbadian) food that I like, from appetizers to dessert. I will tell you from the start, one thing you will not find on this list is Barbados's National Dish. Not at all!!!! 1. Fish Cakes … Continue reading Bajan Food (De Ones I Like)

Bajan Sweet Treats

Hey my SJM Crew. These last two days in this series are gonna be about Bajan (Barbadian) food that I like/love. There's no better way than to end with the best. Today we'll be looking at the sweet treat and drinks. 1.Sugar Cakes https://www.barbadospocketguide.com/images/stories/eat-and-drink/bajan-food-and-drinks/466x222-sugar-cakes.jpg Although they have the name cake in them, these sweet treats … Continue reading Bajan Sweet Treats

Snack Time- What’s on my List

Snacks, almost everyone likes snacks, from fruits to Cheetos. From healthy to processed. Here's what's on my list of processed and natural snacks right now. I'll put them in different categories. Cookies Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com In this category of cookies Oats & Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Ginger, and Sugar Cookies shine through. For … Continue reading Snack Time- What’s on my List